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Dr. León-Villa is a bilingual (Spanish speaking) licensed psychologist. She works with children as young as 30 months of age up to adults. She conducts pediatric and adult Neuropsychological and Psychological evaluations for conditions including autism, developmental disorders, traumatic brain injury (TBI), genetic conditions that impact psychological and cognitive functioning, and other disorders including ADHD, personality disorders, mood disorders, anxiety, and other severe mental illnesses. Assessment may assist in achieving diagnostic clarity, differential diagnosis, and in assessing strengths and weakness. 


At times in our work with clients it may be difficult to pin point exactly what is going on with regards to diagnosis. We develop hypotheses about what we think may be the issue, but many times there are so many factors that may influence and impact individuals in their behavior, emotional functioning, and cognitive functioning. This may be a good time to refer your client for psychological testing to rule out and/or confirm a diagnosis. Doing so will provide you as the therapist with insights about your client, a clearer picture of the presenting problem, and provide the client with recommendations that will be helpful to both you and the client. Dr. León-Villa emphasizes differential diagnosis given that several conditions overlap in symptoms and presentation. Children who have experienced trauma, for example, may often times be misdiagnosed or over diagnosed with conditions such as ADHD, impulse control disorders, and conduct problems solely based on their behavioral presentation. As a trauma expert, Dr. León-Villa understands that developmental history, environmental experiences, biological factors, and cognitive factors contribute to how an individual experiences and responds to the world. Dr. León-Villa reviews and explains results from testing and encourages her patients to share their results/reports with their therapist to support their current treatment. 

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Referrals may be faxed to 702-940-6154 or can be emailed to our encrypted, confidential email at Please visit our Services page for a more detailed description of services provided. 

Please note that we are able to work with other insurance panels as a single case agreement. If you have any additional questions, please call us at 702-900-2784. 

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