Get to Know Pricila 


Rehabilitative Mental Health Specialist & Direct Supervisor


Originally from the Philippines, she relocated to the United States in her teenage years. She is bilingual and fluent in Tagalog. Pricila has been in the mental/behavioral health field since 2005 and specializes in trauma informed care and mental health first aid. Pricila currently oversees our Rehabiliative Mental Health Services program, which provides Medicaid Fee for Service Recipients with services such as Psychosocial Rehabiliation (PSR) and Basic Skills Training (BST) as a supplement to therapy and reaching treatment goals. Currently, she is a grad student at UNLV 's clinical mental health counseling program and is working toward completing requirements for licensure as a licensed clinical professional counselor (LCPC).


On free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and three children. 


Pricila Longmire-Yancy, MS



Pricila earned her bachelor of science degree in psychology from Southern Oregon University. She earned her master of science in psychology from Walden University and a MBA from Western Governors University.