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Latinx Affirmative Therapy Level 2

Speaker(s): Dr. Manuel X. Zamarripa

Organization: Institute of Chicana/o Psychology


Dates: November 12, 2022, December 3, 2022, January 7, 2023, January 28, 2023

Cost for 10 CE Certificate: $111

**must also register for the course at (link below). 

Program Level: Introductory

This 4-session training it the second level of the Chicana/o/x Affirmative Therapy Training Series. Each session is 2.5 hours and will contain two case scenarios each session. In particular, Level 2 will dive deeper into the three crucial aspects of Chicana/o/x & Latina/o/x well-being and mental health: Identity, Family, & Spirituality. Participants will learn how to be responsive to each in clinical practice. Further, the impact of historical & intergenerational racial trauma will be explored and approaches to be responsive during clinical practice will be outlined. 

As a result of participating, the attendee will be able to:

  1. Identify varying notions of mental well-being from a Chicana/o/x perspective

  2. Describe how a focus on identity, family, and spirituality are key in a Chicanx Affirmative

  3.  Describe a Collectivistic Sense of Self to facilitate centering ethnic identity in practice.

  4. Describe the foundations and principles of a Chicana/o/x Affirmative Therapy        

  5. Identify the 4 levels of the Broaching Race in Counseling framework from a Chicana/o/x Affirmative perspective.

  6. Identify at least 2 historical and contemporary Chicanx cultural resources to address manifestations of traumatic responses.

  7. Using the Individualistic/Collectivistic Values Continuum we will identify at least 3 cultural values and degrees of adherence to traditionalism.

  8. Using the framework of Chicanx Indigenous Spirituality, we will describe how the concepts of forgiveness, faith, and hope to connect with a culturally relevant sense of wellbeing.

  9. Describe the therapeutic value of the indigenous/ancestral concepts of the Four Elements and the similarities between this spiritual concept and mental health.

*Program content focuses on application of psychological assessment and/or intervention methods that have overall consistent and credible empirical support in the contemporary peer reviewed scientific literature beyond those publications and other types of communications devoted primarily to the promotion of the approach.

Diversity Statement: The presentation content respects and attends to cultural, individual and role differences, specifically related to Chicanx and Latinx communities as evidenced by the title, program description, learning objectives and references. 


Roche, C., & Kuperminc, G. P. (2012). Acculturative stress and school belonging among Latino youth. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 34(1), 61-76.


Constante, K., Cross, F.L., Medina, M., & Rivas-Drake, D. (2020). Ethnic socialization, family cohesion, and ethnic identity development over time among Latinx adolescents. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 49, 895–906. 01139-3


Cooper, D.K., Wieling, E., Domenech Rodriguez, M.M., Garcia-Huidobro, D. , Baumann, A.,  Mejia, A., Le, H., Cardemil, E.V., & Acevedo-Polakovich, I.D. (2020). Latinx mental health scholars’ experiences with cultural adaptation and implementation of systemic family interventions. Family Process, 59 (2), 492-508.


This presentation is intended for psychologists, other licensed mental health providers, and graduate students of psychology.

Location: Online Live Workshop

Innovation Behavioral Health Solutions, LLC is approved by the American Psychological Association to  sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Innovation Behavioral Health, LLC maintains responsibility for this program and its content.


**Registration & CE Purchase is Separate.

For Registration you will be redirected to the speaker's page.

Must purchase CE certificate for credit.

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