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Our Mission at IBHS, LLC is to create access to mental healthcare through equity, which means ensuring everyone has equal access to well-being regardless of socioeconomic status or other barriers. In order to do so, we strive to eliminate mental health stigma through community outreach, specifically to Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) communities, providing psychoeducation, and ensuring diversity and inclusion not only in the community we serve, but also in our team of clinical and administrative staff.      

Cultural Competence

Did you know that racial/ethnic minority children and families, particularly those with economic disadvantages, are more likely to experience stressful and traumatic experiences?


These experiences result in negative effects on the way that we view ourselves, the world, and others, in addition to changes in brain structure/development and physical responses.


Often, these changes result in internalizing (e.g., anxiety, depression, inattention, problems concentrating, etc.) and externalizing (e.g., anger, impulse control problems, defiance, and substance abuse) problems. BIPOC children are overly diagnosed with behavioral and conduct disorders. As a result, they are many times "missed" or misdiagnosed.


Culturally Informed Psychological and Neuropsychological Evaluation involves the consideration of culture, ethnicity, race, social-economic status, and language development in the context of bilingualism in assessment 


Equity Vs. Equality

Equality means treating everyone the same. That is, equally. However, Equity means to give everyone what they need in order to be successful. Dr. León-Villa founded Empower LV to help minimize health disparities and increase Equity among disadvantaged youth ages 4-17 years and their families. More information below.
Empower LV seeks to minimize health disparities among disadvantaged groups by creating access to services that promote healthy social, physiological, and psychological development.
Therefore, Empower LV seeks to create access to services including high quality and competitive sports, tutoring, mental and behavioral health services that promote wellness because health is not the absence of disease but rather, overall well-being. 
For more information, click the link to visit: EMPOWER LV.

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